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Katy Van Knauff Group Services

Every business is unique, and so are we. Our suite of services can be offered a la carte or as a package to meet your unique needs and goals. Want to learn more about how we can support your business? Drop us a line.

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Menu Development

Putting a menu together is about more than just good food. A great menu program inspires repeat guests, referrals and delight. The Van Knauff Group Menu-Development services include:

  • Takeout/To-Go Program

  • Pricing/Food Costs

  • Sourcing

  • Seasonal Menus

  • Alcohol Free Bar Menus

  • Prep Lists

  • Vendor Selection

  • Brunch Program

Team Recruiting & Engagement

Our Team Engagement program is one of our most popular services, and many of our clients kick it off with our Team Recruiting service. However, we go beyond just getting the right team in your business by focusing on keeping them there via our Team Engagement program. Designed to keep your turnover rates low, our Team Recruiting and Engagement services include:

  • Wellness Programs

  • Team Management SOPs

  • Bonus Plan Structure and Management

  • New Recruit On-Boarding Program

Event Management

The Van Knauff Group knows how to throw a party. Our Event Management services are designed to use your existing space to host relevant and business-worthy events. As members of the queer community, we specialize in hosting events with our community in mind but we support events of all types. Our event management services include:

  • Grand Opening

  • Pub Partnerships

  • Shows

  • Corporate Events

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Brand Management

Your business has a story. Do your guests know what it is? The Van Knauff Group understands the importance and impact of brand management. We work to give your business an identity, or to perpetuate the identity you've worked hard to establish. Our Brand Management services include:

  • Branding

  • Merchandise

  • Menu Design

  • Website Design and Management


We have a lot of friends, and we think you should meet them. If you need work outside of our scope, we can connect you with a trusted partner to get the job done. The Van Knauff Group affiliates include:

  • Repair & Maintenance

  • Business Brokerage

  • Financing

  • Design

  • Website Design, Hosting and Maintenance

Office Support

Restaurant Management is about more than table touching, there's work to be done. We know that back-end or office work can fall to the wayside or hinder restaurant growth, so we offer Office Support services including:

  • POS Software Implementation and Management (Aloha, Toast, Dinerware, etc.)

  • Custom/Programming POS Systems

  • P&L Analysis and Monitoring

  • HR & SOPs

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